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Why We Do This

We promote black business owners via interviews, podcasts, and short stories. We provide visibility interviews, podcast interviews, blog posts, and write-ups as well as syndicated news from other melanin related platforms.

Our goal is to help young melanin professional fulfil their career aspirations, promote the positive news and achievements of people of color, in education, health, religion, and in business. This is our passion.

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Our clients talk about us

  • Working with Melanin People has been awesome. Yinka’s level of professionalism and Podcast experience created a great atmosphere during our interview. I look forward to working with them again in the near future.
    Jay Allen
  • I absolutely do! Great journalism! Very advanced on their news. Also inspiring and motivational articles! absolutely love their magazine!
    C Monique Williams
  • I had an amazing experience with melanin people. This platform gives you and your business a lot of exposure. I highly recommend!
  • I thoroughly enjoyed connecting with this great organization. I feel honored that they wanted to highlight my achievements. Thank you for allowing me to share some of my stories.  
  • I greatly appreciate the efficiency and effort from the staff at Melanin People! Very professional and copacetic with a high level of communicative dexterity! Highly recommend.
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